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10 surprising uses of vanilla outside of cooking or baking

We all know that vanilla tastes delicious. In cookies, cakes, ice cream… the list goes on. (Especially if we “accidentally” add in a little extra.) But food isn’t the only place that’s perfect for vanilla.

Do you want your house to smell delicious, even when you haven’t been baking? Maybe some of your home appliances could use some freshening up, or you’re looking for a new perfume. To make the most out of the vanilla in your cabinet, try out these five ideas for using vanilla outside of food.

1. Natural Air Freshener

Vanilla has a cozy and inviting scent that is perfect for freshening up your living space. Add a few drops of vanilla extract to a bowl of water and place it in your room, or soak a cotton ball in vanilla and vacuum it up to spread the aroma around your home.

2. Insect Repellant

Bugs are often repelled by the smell of vanilla. You can make a natural insect repellant by mixing vanilla extract with water and wiping the mixture on your pulse points or spraying it around your space.

3. Stress Relief

The scent of vanilla is known for its relaxing properties. You can use vanilla essential oils in a diffuser or appreciate a few drops in your bath water for a stress-relieving soak.

4. Car Freshener

Forget about the traditional pine tree freshener, vanilla can be used to maintain a pleasant fragrance in your car. Apply vanilla extract on some cotton balls and tuck them into various corners of your vehicle.

5. Perfume

Vanilla can be used to create your own natural, subtle perfume. Mix it with a little water or a carrier oil and dab it onto your skin to enjoy the sweet scent throughout the day.

6. Paint Odor Neutralizer

Adding a small amount of vanilla extract to paint can help neutralize the strong smell. It makes the painting process more enjoyable without affecting the color of the paint.

7. Homemade Cleaning Solutions

Vanilla has antibacterial properties, making it an excellent addition to homemade cleaning solutions. Just a few drops can leave your surfaces clean and smelling delightful.

8. Fire Place Enhancer

A few drops of vanilla extract on the logs in your fireplace can give off a lovely aroma when you light a fire. It adds an extra layer of coziness to a warm night in.

9. Wardrobe Freshener

Keep your wardrobe smelling fresh by applying vanilla extract to a small piece of fabric or cotton and placing it in your drawer or closet. The sweet vanilla scent can ward off musty odors.

10. Greeting Cards and Invitations

Adding a touch of vanilla to paper items like greeting cards and invitations gives them a delightful scent that is enjoyable for the recipient and enhances the sensory experience of your correspondence.

Surprisingly, vanilla can transition smoothly from a key ingredient in the kitchen to a star player in various aspects of daily life. Its pleasant scent and beneficial properties extend its uses far beyond just flavoring food, potentially making it a staple in natural remedies, household solutions, and self-care routines around the world.