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15 Funny Excuses Women Give For Shopping That Drive Men Crazy

Who doesn’t love going for shopping; I mean I’m just talking about women. We women are never satisfied with our clothes and other things, we’ll always find a way to step our leg forward for shopping. No matter what is the count of your total pair of jeans, t-shirts, jackets, dresses or skirts you will never have that perfect dress for the coming party.

Party is one of the reasons for shopping; there are many other silly reasons that every woman gives to go for shopping. Adding a cherry on the cake, technology has made it so simple on counterpart of women that they can just shop at just a click of a mouse in seconds. What matters is shopping, whether it is a street side, a mall or grabbing clothes from those discounted shopping websites. Just try to ask a woman her reason to shop, most of the time it would be funny and leave you laughing, let’s check some of them here.

#1. Shopping is great to burn calories

Wow! You must appreciate this method of cutting off that unwanted flab. So what if it involves splurging on things she doesn’t need in the first place?

#2. I will pay for my stuff myself

Using her credit card suddenly gives her a license to become extravagant and a spendthrift.

#3. It was on sale, honey!

Yes, one of the oldest ones from the excuse book. But, you need to understand that she is just being mindful about extra savings and the hard-earned money that she is spending.

#4. This will never go out of fashion

Guys, you have to consider her investment in a piece which she is supposedly going to wear for the rest of her life.

#5. It is an awesome stress-buster

See, it is not that she is addicted. It is just an escape mechanism for her to cope with the stress that she goes through every day.

#6. E-shopping is easy

And cost-effective. You not only save time and all the hard work required to shop physically, but also get the comfort of exchanging, returning and trying on various products in the comfort of your own home.

#7. My closet is empty

Those twenty pairs of footwear that are lying in the rack are not of her desired colour, pattern and mood, or are too flashy to be worn to work. Well, she is not overspending. She is just making sure she dresses right for every occasion.

#8. I will get my money’s worth

The saree she bought is just a good balance between budget and quality. So, what if it wasn’t a necessity?

#9. I got all this stuff to impress you

Isn’t this reason enough to justify her purchase? After all, she has been thinking about you all through her shopping spree. That it is burning a hole in your pocket or hers, is a different thing altogether.

#10. I haven’t shopped since ages

Now come on! It was a whole month back that she got that expensive makeup kit. Cut her some slack, boy!

#11. It is for that party next month

She needs to look good for that family get-together next month. Her looks and individuality need to be highlighted in anything that she wears. So, no way can she repeat what she has already used from her closet. Yeah, it does not matter if it was a different party, with a whole different lot of people, what is worn at a gala once, is done and dusted forever.

#12. It is a just a little treat to myself, for all the work that I do you know

After slugging for a whole month in office, and managing the house so well, she totally qualifies for that self-imposed treat. Yes, yes, she does.

#13. There is a festival around the corner

Our Indian festivals make for a perfect excuse for women to buy something unique. Festivities call for everything happy and new.

#15. It goes with everything

From now, she will team the new flip-flops with everything. However, you need to confirm whether she has that ‘everything’ or needs to buy it next.