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A Man Will Never Truly Fall In Love With You Until You Give Him These 5 Things

A Man Will Never Truly Fall In Love With You Until You Give Him These Things
1. Space

Men need time on their own to process information and feelings. When women provide this space, it allows the man to step forward.

The fact that women want to decrease space to create connection often makes men feel suffocated and overwhelmed.

If a woman knows to feed a man’s soul, make him a better partner, and increases the quality of time together, he will love her more.

2. Affection

Although men have been programmed to show up strong and be providers, they are still human and at their core have a need for affection.

It’s not natural for boys to go from being cared for by their mothers to not needing any affection at all.

Men like to be touched and kissed, or that when their woman rubs their shoulders after a rough day because that makes him feel loved

Under that confident, strong, and manly exterior is still the heart of a boy that needs to feel loved — and that is a really good thing!

3. Respect

Men work hard. The desire to excel and contribute is a natural part of their DNA. In order to achieve a sustainable loving relationship bond with a man, it is critical that you respect him.

4. Understanding

Women complain about how much men work but fail to understand that often a man is fulfilling his life’s purpose through his work or providing for his family, which is often his way of showing love.

Men always want their woman to understand this need and the meaning of their work. In other words, a man really loves an understanding woman.

5. S3x

Men want to feel connected and s3x is the primary way they experience that.

Show him your love by having s3x with him and non-s3xual physical love as well by hugging him often or just reaching out and holding his hand.