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Giving The First Birth At The Age Of 70, This Woman Becomes One Of The Oldest New Mothers

When welcoming the first at the age of 70, this woman became one of the oldest new mothers in the world. 

Not every woman can get pregnant and give birth easily, especially when she gets older and older. In fact, many couples have done everything they can to have a child but unfortunately they still can’t. The case of this Indian couple is the same. Although they have been married for 45 years, they didn’t have any children. Until recently, their wish to being parents becomes a reality.

The couple is happy to have the first child (Image source: Daily Mail)

This couple is Ms. Jivunben Rabari  and Mr. Maldhari aged 75, living in Mora village in Gujarat, India. According to Rabari, she does not have ID to prove her age, but she told reporters that it was 70. Seeing many family members  successfully applied IVF, the couple also went to the doctor called Bhanushali to try their luck. At this time, the doctor was afraid that the couple couldn’t have a baby at such an old age. However, Ms. Jivunben Rabari  and Mr. Maldhari insisted trying and the doctor agreed to help them conceive through IVF.

Fortunately, miracles happened to them when Jivunben Rabari successfully gave the first birth to a baby boy whose name hasn’t  still been revealed. The boy had good health and was very cute. Dr Bhanushali said “This is one of the rarest cases I have ever seen.”

The boy had good health and was very cute (Image source: Daily Mail)

In fact, there have been various instances of women into their 60s and 70s having children through IVF in India. It is believed that Mangayamma aged 74 is the oldest woman to give birth in the world after welcoming twins through IVF. Therefore, Jivunben Rabari is also seen as one of the oldest  new mother in the world.