Home relationship If You Two Survive These 4 Conflicts, Your Relationship Is Rock Solid

If You Two Survive These 4 Conflicts, Your Relationship Is Rock Solid

If You Two Survive These 4 Conflicts, Your Relationship Is Rock Solid
1) Family drama

It would be great if we have perfect relationships with our families. However, in reality, it’s more likely that your family will be critical of your partner, and your partner’s family will have something not-so-nice to say about you, too. Perhaps your family doesn’t think highly of your partner for whatever reason, and your partner’s family doesn’t get along with yours.

Family drama, when it happens, tends to get ugly fast with people choosing sides and throwing their weight around. Weaker relationships tend to fare badly and have people reenacting the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet in real time.

So if you and your partner were able to sail through a major family drama, congrats! It means that you two are mature enough to discuss and deal with difficult situations. It also means that you both always put your relationship with one another first, which is essential for having an enduring relationship.

2) Exes coming back

If exes have become genuine friends, it’s nothing worrying. However, the exes, who come knocking into your life clearly wanting to get back with you, will be great concern.

And to make it worse, they’re often insufferably charming and, despite knowing that they’re bad news, not everyone can resist their pull.

If you’re able to survive this big challenge, that means you and your partner are for keeps. It means the two of you have good communication skills— that you can talk about jealousy, boundaries, and trust in a healthy way. And of course, that you trust each other. It also means that you have integrity and that you know your priorities and limitations.

3) Money problems

Money has great effects on relationships. In fact, financial problems are the leading cause for divorce.

Money problems can come in many different ways. There may be a huge income gap between you and your partner, maybe one of you lost their job, or maybe both of you are one week away from being homeless.

All of these will put a strain on the relationship one way or another— from being broke stressing both of you out, to trust issues to power imbalance.

If you two survive this problem, it will be great. It means you love each other enough to not let frustrations or insecurities over your money problems get to your heads.

It also demonstrates your teamwork, resourcefulness, and willingness to endure life’s hardships together.

4) One of you almost cheating

This is a massive breach of trust. After discovering that your partner almost fell in love with someone else, it will leave you question whether you can still trust your partner…and whether or not they are truly meant for you.

If your relationship can manage to survive this conflict, then it’s a testament to the love you have for one another.

Lesser people would freak out and do things they will regret.

But if you’re able to forgive each other and trust each other again, then you’re a strong couple.

It means you’re able to let go of your pride and ego because your love for each is all that matters.