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Reasons Why You Should Have Intímαcy With Your Partner In The Morning Instead Of Night

Morning s3x is not only fun but it also has multiple health benefits. Don’t believe us? Then read on. According to Dr Sudeshna Ray, consultant obstetrics and gynaecology at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai, here are some of key reasons that make morning s3x beneficial

1. It is an instant mood booster

When you have physical intimacy with your partner, it helps in the release of happy hormones that uplift your mood instantly. It makes you feel mentally light and even calms you down. “The release of happy hormones like oxytocin and dopamine right in the morning can make anyone feel more relaxed, focused, and cheerful throughout the day,” Sudeshna suggested.

2. It is great for your immunity

It helps in increasing the production of IgA in your body. IgA stands for Immunoglobulin A which is an antibody that plays a crucial role in the immune function of mucous membranes. So, more morning s3x means better immunity.

3. It helps in boosting memory

D0ing “that’ helps in activating your brain given it causes a rush of hormones in your body. Dr Ray revealed that s3x right in the morning can help your brain power through the whole day.

4. It can act as your morning workout

“Good morning s3x often works as a great morning workout of moderate intensity, burning the calories and helping you start the day with a dose of positive energetic hormones. It can contribute to stretching and relaxing the muscles”, she explained.

5. It can help you deal with s3xual anxiety

S3xual anxiety can be due to being ashamed of one’s body or being hesitant about the act. According to clinical psychologist Dr Bhavna Bharmi, this can be one of the reasons that can lead to stress and anxiety. During morning hours, you and your partner are in a very vulnerable state. You both find each other at the same level of intimacy and it becomes easier to accept the human side of things. Due to this s3xual anxiety can be tamed.